Read this Before You Buy Blackout Curtain Drapes

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After shades, blackout curtain drapes are the best choice for blocking light. This style is the most popular type of blackout window fitting because there are countless styles to suit all room designs and personal tastes. If style is important to you, then we highly recommend blackout curtains over the other choices.

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What to Consider for Blackout Blinds Europe

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Blackout curtains Europe have some of the best designs and fabrics available. This is especially true of blackout blinds from Italy which is famous for its textiles. For US and Canadian residents looking to buy blackout curtains Europe though, it is important to keep in mind that the standard European window size is different from the North American standard.

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Are Blackout Curtains Really Worth It?

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The purpose of all curtains are to block light and provide privacy. However, the term blackout curtains refers to a special type of window fittings which must block at least 99% of light coming in through the window. Blackout curtains have become increasingly popular, especially in bedrooms and infant rooms, because they allow for an almost complete darkness at any time of day.

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