Are Blackout Curtains Really Worth It?

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The purpose of all curtains are to block light and provide privacy. However, the term blackout curtains refers to a special type of window fittings which must block at least 99% of light coming in through the window. Blackout curtains have become increasingly popular, especially in bedrooms and infant rooms, because they allow for an almost complete darkness at any time of day. Additionally, blackout curtains can save on heating and cooling bills during the winter and summer. There are some things you should consider before buying blackout curtains though.

Many people don’t realize what the difference is between blackout and darkening a room. For many people, a simple opaque window shade is adequate for meeting their darkness requirements. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, are for people who need complete darkness in a space (such as a home theatre or people who may sleep during the daytime). Many customers who buy blackout curtains are disappointed because they make their rooms too dark. Also keep in mind that many types of blackout curtains only offer blackout or no-blackout (open or closed). If you want partial light, then you should keep consider blackout blinds or combining blackout roller blinds with standard curtains.