Do Blackout Window Blinds Really Exist?

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Even though there are plenty of places to buy “blackout window blinds”, it should be noted that blackout blinds to not really exist. It is impossible to get the required 99% light blockage with blinds – no matter how well they are made. Complete blackout is only possible with shades though some curtains can come close to blocking the required amount of light. However, even though blackout window blinds aren’t really “blackout”, they have some benefits which make them worth considering.

With blackout shades and curtains, you have only two choices: open and close. This means you will either have almost complete darkness or complete light seepage. For anyone who enjoys lighting somewhere between these two extremes, blackout shades and curtains aren’t the best choices. Blackout window blinds let you adjust the gaps between the slats to your liking. This makes them very effective for controlling mood too. Many customers who use blackout blinds have reported how much they love the lighting which occurs when the slats are just slightly opened during daylight because it gives the illusion of dawn or dusk falling. Additionally, blackout window blinds are great for letting air flow through.