What to Consider for Blackout Blinds Europe

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Blackout curtains Europe have some of the best designs and fabrics available. This is especially true of blackout blinds from Italy which is famous for its textiles. For US and Canadian residents looking to buy blackout curtains Europe though, it is important to keep in mind that the standard European window size is different from the North American standard. This can make it very difficult to find premade blackout curtains, rollers or blinds for your window. Instead, you will need to custom order the blackout blinds.

It is generally recommended to order customized blackout blinds, regardless of where you live or where you ordering them from. That is because it is so crucial for the blackout blinds to cover the entire window space to avoid any light seeping through. If even just an 1/8 of an inch is left uncovered, your blackout blinds will not be effective. Blackout rollers should be measured precisely from within the window. With blackout blinds and curtains, you can get away with ordering them premade because you can always order a size too big to ensure total light blockage. Just keep in mind that blackout curtains Europe are listed in centimeters, not inches.