Why Pair Blackout Roller Blinds with Regular Curtains

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Blackout roller blinds are the only types of blinds which can truly block out enough light to create a total darkness. This is because roller blinds do not have any slats in them, thus not letting light seep through. Most blackout roller blinds are made from a woven material and have the appearance of regular blinds. Because blackout material is located within the blind material, they are available in many more designs and fabric choices. Other blackout roller blinds are made from the blackout material so they tend to be a darker color and denser.

As with many other blackout blinds, rollers only allow for “on-off”. This means you will either have them completely pulled down for total darkness and privacy or you will have them rolled up for partial/no light blockage and no privacy. However, blackout roller blinds are by far the best choice for most customers. This is because they can easily be paired with regular curtains. Use the roller blackout blinds for the light-blocking properties. In front of these, regular curtains can be used for adding a stylish appearance and providing partial light blockage and privacy when the blackout roller blinds are open.